Smoke... Be happy... Live on the edge... Don't regret nothing

terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011


Well here I was thinking about life and it came to me... War! Is War the problem or the solution? People think that by making war, the target they have will eventually surrender and be rulled by them... But most of the times that doesn't happen... And is it really necessary killing all of those innocent people and causing pain and making the family of that person suffer? For what? Just to prove that you are ''stronger'' ? War is the problem we have to fight but in order to stop the war we have to start a war against the war if you know what I mean... And the scenario is just hawfull... Grenades... Dead people on the ground... And you don't get anything by doing that... If you want to kill someone go to a gun shop buy a pistol and shoot yourself... You will have the pleasure to kill someone and we will have less shitty people on the world... Don't make war... Make love or smoke weed!

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