Smoke... Be happy... Live on the edge... Don't regret nothing

quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012


Hi guys! In this post I'm gonna talk about a shitty thing... MONEY! Like oh my god money is so important... Fuck money... You only need money in this life... What is the value of a piece of iron or what the fuck that is with a number on it? I can make money like that if I follow a career of blacksmith... And what about five euro notes and etc? Fuck that a piece of paper is more value than a piece of iron oh my god... But the truth is that withouth money you can't live... You need to pay for food pay for clothes pay for shoes pay for a place to live... Fuck this shit !

Take Care

sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011


Hello! Three simple words... Life totally SUCKS! We born , we go to school , we make friends , we lose friends , and in the end... We die! In a matter of seconds we forget everything that happen during a long time... I mean is this normal? Wouldn't it be easier if life would be like a game? ''Game Over... To continue playing insert a coin.'' This would be cool... But no... Life has to be hard and we have to lose loved ones... I hope that after this ''stage'' (life) we can be with who we want and be forever happy because in life we can't always be happy... So... what I'm trying to say is... Live your life like it's the last day you will ever have... Smoke... Drink... Socialize... Spend money... but BE happy!

Take Care


Hello there... How are you? Hope you understand that this text does not make you jump in the conclusion that I hate television but the fact is... What is television good for? Keep you entertained for hours? The problem is... TV makes you gain weight , makes you stupid , does not make you more sociable and it costs munny... a LOT! You can not imagine what a commercial costs... How much do the companies pay to present a commercial... So ... Instead of watching tv wouldn't it be better to go take a walk and be with your friends? Much more healthy and you would socialize more (: ...
I'm not saying that from now on you shouldn't watch TV but reduce the time you watch...

Take Care

terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011


Well here's the thing... Why do people make weed sound like it's a horrible thing and you should never do it?
Let me make a question... What's worse... Weed or tobacco? For the love of God guys, Tobacco kills your lungs and reduces fertility... Weed makes what? Makes you trip? I'm pretty sure that you prefer to trip than to destroy your health... Ain't I right? And isn't marijuana medicinal too? Is tobacco medicinal? Please... before you ''banish'' things that don't destroy you... Read about it... But hey don't start to smoke joints and all of that just because I'm writting this... Gather information and think about this I just wrote... Above all ... BE happy!

Old People

Can somebody clarify something? Why do you people avoid talking to old people? For God's sake... These people probably saved your ass because they probably went to war to protect their country... Show some respect. I'm not saying that from now on you should go talk to old people every time you see one but respect them and when they talk to you don't avoid or pass by like they make you sick... Think about it... Most of the old guys that walk those streets out there have probably done more in their life than you will ever do...


Hmm... Christmas... Funny thing that day... A day where everyone gathers to give presents... But is Christmas really a date to give presents? Wanna know something? I bet that if Christmas was only the birth of Jesus Christ... People wouldn't show interest on that day... But we get presents so everyone remembers and loves Christmas... Another thing... Why do we give presents on 25th December if the presents were only given to Christ on 6th January? Well, to me Christmas is only good because you gather family and spend time with them... So I wish to all of you that from now on... On every Christmas... You spend time with your family.
Don't piss of if you don't get as many presents as you would like... Just be with your family and that will be a great present (:


Hello! I'm gonna talk about people that don't respect music... Now... People... Tell me... WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST MUSIC? Really tell me... The only thing you guys do is talk about music badly... I'm talking about ''heavy'' music... You guys listen to disco music that its only a mix of sounds and I don't talk about it... I respect, even if that means that I don't like it but you guys HAVE to criticize ''our'' music ... ''Your music is nothing but screams... people don't sing... they scream'' well FUCK YOU ... ''Our'' songs actually have decent lyrics that talk about real things that happen in life like love, war , peace , drugs , violence , violation... ''Our'' musics have meaning... ''Your'' music is putting every sound you can find in one song... So please... LEARN to respect our music style because we respect yours even if we don't like it!